No Justice for Rachel Corrie

The Israeli court has finally given its final word on Rachel Corrie’s death: it was an accident. Corrie was crushed to death by an Rachel Corrie Immediately after her murderIDF bulldozer in Rafah on March 13, 2003 while protesting against the usual Israeli practice of destroying Palestinian homes.

While all eyewitness accounts and pictures prove without a doubt that the driver actually saw her, she was dressed up to be seen and was surrounded by other activists, the Israeli court has ruled that it was an accident. Furthermore, the court has also ruled that Gaza was a war zone and by entering a war zone she, indirectly, had become a legitimate target.

This verdict is not the only one of its kind; the Israeli courts and IDF have previously justified cold-blooded murder of children by Israeli soldiers under the same logic.

So, sadly, Rachel Corrie, a great American and humanist, has now become yet another statistic, a legitimate target in the shameful history of Israeli justice system.

It is a sad day today and I write in solidarity with Rachel Corrie and her parents. I salute her courage to stand with the weak against the strong and for giving her life for peace.

Rest in peace, dear Rachel Corrie. You will forever live in history and in our hearts.


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  1. Omid Helali
    November 25, 2012 at 1:15 am

    I salute you dear Rachel corrie for your courage may one day the perpetrator see their punishment,and your only hope which was peace for humanity specially for innocent people of Palestine is achieved.

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