Pakistani politician Imran Khan stands on a vehicle in Mianwali, northern PakistanFrom the very start of the PTI sit ins, I was openly opposed to the idea and execution of it. Part of it came from my inherent distrust of trusting one person and one leader to speak for me and others, but a major part of my concern was that the marches could derail the fragile democratic Pakistan.

I am delighted to acknowledge that just a few conversation with some of the supporters of PTI have completely changed my mind. I will write more about this later, but for right now I have learned that the sit-ins are not really weakling  democracy but strengthening it. Not only are the young and old mobilized by this cause, but they have also stood shoulder-to-shoulder for higher principles and that is extremely commendable and best for our future.

So while I may not agree with the long-term plans of PTI, or have plans of my own, I do from this day on stand in solidarity with PTI workers in their efforts to make the government responsive and sensitive to the needs of the people.

So, yes PTI workers,  go ahead and change Pakistan for better and for whatever it is worth, my support in word and deed is with you in love and solidarity.