Getting Approved for Media Net in Two Days

Lately, I have been trying to monetize some of my websites and blogs. As I was looking for the best Adsense alternative, I was pointed to Media Net as a wonderful alternative by several online articles. One of the bloggers explained the main features of Media Net as follows:

  • Contextual advertisements: As mentioned above, ads will be showed based on the context of the page.
  • High revenue: Quality of ads are high, and various optimization techniques will help you to make a significant amount of money from your hosted ads.
  • Mobile ads: One of the key features of is the hosting of mobile ads. This feature is currently in beta, but with the growing number of smart phone users, mobile ads are the future of advertising for publishers. mobile detection technology automatically detects mobile and smart phone browsers, and serves mobile ads which will help you to earn additional income. (Source: Harsh Agarwal:

Needless to say, I was deeply impressed by the reviews and decided to give it a try. Since this site is already monetized by Info Links and it also contains articles in languages other than English, media net prefers English as the main language, I decided to apply for my educational website: Postcolonial Space. I mostly followed the guidelines provided by Harsh Agarwal HERE. (By the way, his suggestions are spot on!!)

The site already has a lot of good original content and also qualifies as a niche academic site, so I hoped that it will stand a better chance at getting an approval. But before I submitted the site, I also did the following:

  • I made sure that it is a secure website, so I purchased an SSL certificate for it. [This was not required by Media Net, but it is good to have it for the better security of the website)
  • I  made sure that the landing page and other pages look professional and are not cluttered.
  • I also made sure that the site does not have many other ads on it and since I am only going to run media net ads on it, coupled with my Amazon Affiliate Links, I completely removed all traces of contextual ads from all other sources.

Sure enough, within twenty four hours, I got a message stating that my site had been approved. I must admit that I like the dashboard and the elegant way in which the ads display on the site.

While I work on integrating the new contextual ads to my site, I though I should share this experience with you all out there. So, if you have any such related stories or experiences, please feel free to share in the comments.

To take a look at how the ads display, please visit Postcolonial Space.

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