Oncidium Mendenhall ‘Hildos’ in Bloom


I had bought this beautiful plant as a cattleya companion. This particular species needs the same kind of culture conditions and can sometimes continue blooming (one or two flowers at a time) for years. I am delighted to report that this one has successfully bloomed in my greenhouse.

Orchids in Bloom

C. maxima

Right now I have three orchids in bloom/ or getting ready to bloom. So, obviously it is exciting times in our house: Cattleya intermedia alba (This is a special blooming as this was the first orchid I bought to start my hobby and this is its first blooming:  

In Bloom: Cattleya eldorado


This summer was extremely hard on my orchids and I lost quite a few valuable plants. When I moved my plants to the greenhouse this fall, I was not expecting any flowers at all. But then, nature never fails to surprise us. I noticed a few months ago that the new growth on my Cattleya…

Moving My Orchids Outdoors

Well, since it has been getting too hot in the greenhouse and as the heat had started damaging the plants, I finally decided to move the plants outside. A lot of us in North Texas keep our plants outdoors in the summer. Some experts recommend it highly for the long-term health of the plants. I…

C. loddigesii: Getting Ready to Bloom

C. loddigesii (‘Atlanta’ x ‘Hawaiian Var’) I got this beautiful plant at the July auction of North Texas Orchid Society. The plant came in sheath, so I cannot take a lot of credit for its blooming. I am however delighted to know that it is getting ready to bloom, which, in a way, is an…