In Bloom

Oncidium Mendenhall ‘Hildos’ in Bloom


I had bought this beautiful plant as a cattleya companion. This particular species needs the same kind of culture conditions and can sometimes continue blooming (one or two flowers at a time) for years. I am delighted to report that this one has successfully bloomed in my greenhouse.

Orchids in Bloom

C. maxima

Right now I have three orchids in bloom/ or getting ready to bloom. So, obviously it is exciting times in our house: Cattleya intermedia alba (This is a special blooming as this was the first orchid I bought to start my hobby and this is its first blooming:  

In Bloom: Cattleya eldorado


This summer was extremely hard on my orchids and I lost quite a few valuable plants. When I moved my plants to the greenhouse this fall, I was not expecting any flowers at all. But then, nature never fails to surprise us. I noticed a few months ago that the new growth on my Cattleya…

C. loddigesii: Getting Ready to Bloom

C. loddigesii (‘Atlanta’ x ‘Hawaiian Var’) I got this beautiful plant at the July auction of North Texas Orchid Society. The plant came in sheath, so I cannot take a lot of credit for its blooming. I am however delighted to know that it is getting ready to bloom, which, in a way, is an…

C. warscewiczii: In Bloom

C.  warscewiczii var semi-alba ‘Bedford’ x self Another one of my orchids is getting ready to bloom. I bought this beautiful plant on Ebay and have been watching its progress. It has one sheath, and today a tiny corner of the bud has stated pushing its way out. According to Chadwick and Son, this is…

C. skinneri: In Bloom

(C.  skinneri albescens ‘Kensington’s Angel’) I had bought this beautiful plant last year from mikesorchids on Ebay. At the time the plant came with a seed pod. While the seed pod was eventually unsuccessful, the plant aborted it, the plant has finally recovered from the ordeal and is now getting ready to bloom. You can…