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Seventeen Large-Flowered Cattleya Species

C. dowiana

1. C. dowiana

2. C. dowiana aurea

C. eldorado [Blog]

1. C. eldorado tipo

2. C. eldorado fantasia ‘Rafaela’ x flamea orlata

3. C. eldorado venosa x rosada

4. C. eldorado tipo

5. C. eldorado alba x ‘Gigante Azul’

6. C. eldorado alba x semi alba

7. C. eldorado semi alba x alba

C. gaskelliana

1. C. gaskelliana var alba

2. C. gaskelliana ‘Mt. Haleakala’

C. jenmanii

1. C. jenmanii (Compot, 2 plants)

2. C. jenmanii courelea x courelea ‘Dark Lip’

C. labiata

1. C. labiata (sanguinea x marginata) x self 

2. C. labiata var semi alba

C. lawrenceana


1. C. lawrenceana

C. lueddemanniana

1. C. lueddemanniana ‘SVOII’ x ‘SVO’ HCC/AOS

2. C. lueddemanniana alba x self

3. C. lueddemanniana ‘Jenny Raja[2. This is a cross between C. lueddemanniana 'Jim Elmore' AM/AOS X C. lueddemanniana 'Arthur Chadwick' HCC/AOS and came with the option to give it a clone name. I have named it for my wife!]

C. maxima

1. C. maxima coerulea ‘Hector’ (mericlone)

2. C. maxima

3. C. maxima

4. C. maxima var delicata concolor ‘Chaney’ x C. maxima var alba

C. mendelii

1. C. mendelii var semi alba

2. C. mendelii var semi alba ‘Carlos Arango’ x self

C. mossiae

1. C. mossiae semi alba ‘Young’s Variety’ x ‘Blanca’ AM/AOS

2. C. mossiae coerulea

C. percivaliana

1. C. percivaliana ‘Summit’ FCC/AOS’

C. quadricolor

1. C. quadricolor

C. rex

1. C. rex

2. C. rex x sib

C. schroederae

1. C. schroederae

2. C. schroederae

3. C. schroederae ‘SVO II’ HCC/AOS x ‘SVO’ AM/AOS

C. trianae

1. C. trianae alba x self

2. C. trianae var amesiana x select sib

C. warneri

1. C. warneri coerulea x self

2. C. warneri alba ‘Newberry’ AM/AOS x self

3. C. warneri coerulea ‘DO Suziki’ x self

C. warscewiczii [Blog]

1. C.  warscewiczii var semi alba ‘Katia’ x self

2. C.  warscewiczii var semi-alba ‘Bedford’ x self

3. C. gigas ‘Ebano’ (darker form of warscewiczii)

4. C. warscewiczii sanderiana ‘#30′

5. C. warscewiczii

6. C. warscewiczii (‘Meteor’ x ‘Alexanders Var.’)

Additional Species

C. aclandiae

1. C. aclandiae ‘California’ x ‘Dark Rook’

2. C. aclandiae ‘Paul’ HCC/AOS x ‘Gulf Glade’ AM/AOS

C. aurantiaca

1. C. aurantiaca

C. bowringiana

1. C. bowringiana coerulea

C. dormaniana

1. C. dormaniana

C. forbesii

1. C. forbesii ‘Valley isle’ x C. forbesii ‘Exotic Orchids’

C. intermedia

1. C. intermedia alba x self

2. C. intermedia alba ‘Penn Valley’ AM/AOS

3. C. intermedia ‘Pine Knot’

4. C. intermedia var aquinii coerulea

5. C. intermedia Var amethystina ‘Jewell’s Blush’ x var vino ‘Marcella’

6. C. intermedia var aquinii coerulea x self

7. C. intermedia orlata

8. C. intermedia aquinii

9. C. intermedia courelea

C. leopoldii

1. C. leopoldii ‘Mendenhall’

C.  loddigesii

C. loddigesii (‘Atlanta’ x ‘Hawaiian Var’)

C. luteola

1. C. luteola

C. schilleriana

1. C. schilleriana ‘Jewel’s’ x ‘Anda’

C. skinneri

1. C.  skinneri albescens ‘Kensington’s  Angel’ 

2. C.  skinneri ‘Heiti Jacobs’ FCC/AOS

C. Velutina

1. C. Velutina

C. walkeriana

1. C. walkeriana ‘Pendentive’ AM/AOS


Blc. Emily Simmons ‘Mendenhall’ AM/AOS

Epc. Kyoguchi ‘M Sano’ x self

C. Capra coerulea X C. intermedia coerulea ‘Delft Flare’

C. Marjorie Hausermann

C. NOID [2. This is a lost tag plant but from the shape of the pseudobulbs and its growing habits it seems to be C. gaskelliana. I will be sure only after it blooms]

C. Sandra Turner (Lulu x Landate)

C. Volcano Queen (C. Gertrude Hausermann x C. labiata)

Note: Crossed out plants are either dead or in trouble.


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