Our Thanks to Jason W. Ellis, Our Outgoing Layout Editor

As we approach the publication of Pakistaniaat’s fifth issue, I am also beginning to realize what a loss it would be when Jason W. Ellis, our layout editor, leaves our editorial team at the end of this year. Those of you who have published with us or have downloaded, printed, or viewed our content should know that the professional look and wonderful layout of our articles was all because of Jason’s diligent work.

When I decided to launch Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies in January, 2009, Jason was the first person I asked to join our team. Although I had never seen him use any layout software, I had a feeling that he would be perfect for the job. As he had taken a course with me the previous year, I was absolutely certain about his dedication to scholarship and service and his habit of paying great attention to details. However, what made him the ideal candidate for the role of the layout editor was the fact that I had often seen him working with a Macbook Pro, a Black Macbook Pro!!. So, when it came to courting a potential layout editor, this guy using a sleek, sexy, and powerful machine seemed perfect. Thankfully, Jason honored my request and took on the role of our layout editor.

During his two years of service to the journal, Jason has taught me quite a few lessons, but what I admire the most about him and have tried to emulate is his habit of resolving problems (technical or other) through a reasoned and logical approach. I will always be indebted to Jason for teaching me this kind of patience.

During his stay with us, Jason has produced five online as well as print issues and has made galleys for more than a hundred long and short articles. To be precise, Jason has prepared (in two formats) more than 1400 pages for Pakistaniaat, created our header, developed our Layout Templates, and also prepared all of our five print issues. And, this is important, he has done all this voluntarily while also carrying a full class load as a Ph.D. candidate at Kent State University. [1. Those of you interested in Jason’s other work should visit his blog: Dynamic Subspace.]

So, here it is from all  of us at Pakistaniaat: “Live long and Prosper.”

By M R

Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Masood Ashraf Raja is an Associate Professor of Postcolonial Literature and Theory and the editor of Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies.
Raja tweets @masoodraja

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