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Pakistani Ulama and Their Rhetoric (8): Maulana Muhammad Mukhtar

(From Mashal Books)

Speaker: Maulana Muhammad Mukhtar
Location: Jamia Masjid Anwar Madina, Narang Mandi, Sheikhupura
Sect: Barelvi
Language: Urdu
Time: June 2010


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Says Abu Bakr Farsi Shafei: the punishment for the insulter of the Prophet PBUH is death. There is no other punishment for such a man than death. The Prophet PBUH himself made the insulter of the Prophet stand between the fountain of Zamzam and Muqam-e-Ibrahim and had him killed. Hazrat Anas Bin Malik narrates than a man used to curse the Prophet PBUH. After Makka was won and the man realised that he would now be called to account for his insults and that Muslims will kill him he ran and took refuge in Kaaba and clung to the cloth that covered the Kaaba. The Prophet PBUH was informed that his insulter was standing clinging to the Kaaba. The Prophet said go and bring him to me and then sever his head in front of me. The Prophet, after the victory of Makka, forgave all but did not forgive the man who had apostatised himself by turning away from Islam and the man who had insulted him including the one who used to pay the prostitutes to sing songs against the Prophet PBUH. Now you know what the punishment for the insulter is. The punishment for blasphemy is death.

After the conquest of Spain by Muslims, a Christian priest began an organised campaign of abusing the Prophet PBUH. Listen to this carefully because this was the beginning of the plot. The fact was that the Christians of Spain had begun to embrace Islam in large numbers and the Church became worried. On this the priest prepared a team of blasphemers. His philosophy was that Christians will achieve salvation through pain of the body and since blaspheming will lead to Muslims stoning them, the consequent pain will give salvation. Thus will the soul of the blasphemer be purified, according to the Church.

Thus in Spain Christians began to publicly abuse the Prophet PBUH. One Christian woman Flora abused him. Her father was Muslim while her mother was Christian. After the death of her father she and her mother began to live near a Christian priest. Flora went to a Qazi and said she wanted to embrace Islam. The Qazi was pleased and asked her to recite the kalima but she began the kalima by abusing the Prophet PBUH. The Qazi instead of flying into a rage took pity on her and said your age is too young, but when she would not stop abusing, the Qazi hanged her. After that, another Christian named Isaac did the same sort of thing in front of the Qazi. Many others too did this, and the Court hanged them all.

Britannica says the campaign went on for two years and only in two months 57 people were hanged. From this you can realise how Christians hated the Prophet PBUH and campaigned against him. Today also when a case of blasphemy comes before the court in Pakistan there is pain felt in America because America sympathises with the blasphemers. This has always happened. This rubbish was first found in Europe. During the era of Salahuddin Ayubi someone abused the Prophet PBUH. The man lived in 1181 and was known for looting caravans of Muslims and for trying to conquer Makka and Madina. But when this Christian invader came to Makka from the sea the Muslims arose and put his army to the sword. In 1186 he again looted a caravan. And said to the Muslims: if your Muhammad PBUH is so powerful get him to save you. When Salahuddin Ayubi heard this he swore that he would punish the Christian marauder-crusader.

The Crusade was defeated and one of the prisoners of war brought before Saladin was this blaspheming crusader. When he became sure that Saladin will kill him he began to tremble. But Salahuddin killed him with his own hands. So we know that even Salahuddin was sure that the punishment for blasphemy is death. All sects of Islam are agreed on this.

But after the British conquered India they left no law here that would punish the blasphemer. Here too blaspheming books began to be published. One Hindu called Krishan wrote Rangeela Rasul meaning that the Prophet PBUH was given to sensual pleasures, marrying young girls. Publisher Rajpal printed the book after which there was an uproar against it. The book was banned and the publisher was given six months of jail sentence. Hindus went to High Court and chief judge Shadi Lal acquitted the blaspheming publisher. But the Muslims could not bear to see Rajpal walking around In Lahore free after insulting the Prophet PBUH.

An inhabitant of Yakki Gate Lahore named Khuda Baksh Kashmiri went out looking for Rajpal in order to stab him to death. He assaulted him in Anarkali but Rajpal escaped. Khuda Baksh was brought before the Court but he looked to Rajpal and said you have escaped me this time but I swear on God next when I get a chance I will put you to death.


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By M R

Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Masood Ashraf Raja is an Associate Professor of Postcolonial Literature and Theory and the editor of Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies.
Raja tweets @masoodraja

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