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Some Good Pakistani Blogs

Now that we have started aggregating content from selected Pakistan-related blogs, we have found a rich array of blogs dealing with various aspects of Pakistani life. I thought I should take a few moments to introduce some of these blogs. My account of these blogs, of course, is in no way exhaustive. So, please feel free to suggest your favorite Pakistani blogs in the comments and we will include them in our Pakblogs section for our readers.

Art Ka Pakistan: Maintained by Nadia Hussain, this is a personal blog that provides ideas, thoughts, and commentaries of an artist and could be very useful to all those interested in art and artistic pursuits. Nadia describes her blog as follows:

Wannabe artist (except they’re called visual artists now), corrupter of young Pakistani minds, do gooder (and badder), lover, not a fighter and a general procrastinator. And Murree Brewery rocks.

Citizens for Democracy: I strongly endorse CFD’s effort who describe their mission in the following words:

Citizens for Democracy (CFD) was formed on Dec 19, 2010, as a coalition of professional groups, NGOs, trade unions, student unions, political parties and individuals outraged by the consistent misuse and abuse of the ‘blasphemy laws’ and religion in politics.  We came together at a meeting at Karachi Press Club, convened by Professional Organisations Mazdoor Federations & Hari Joint Committee (POJAC).

CFD calls upon all professional groups, NGOs, trade unions, student unions, political parties and individuals to join hands for its one-point agenda, to work against the misuse and abuse of the ‘blasphemy laws’ and religion in politics. CFD chapters have subsequently been formed in Lahore and Islamabad. Please see CFD stand and endorsing organisations at this blog. Email: Twitter: @cfdpk.

Desi Flavors: Maintained by Rafia Shujaat, Desi Flavors is a wonderful blog that provides quite a few traditional, some fusion, and some very innovative recipes. I could not recommend this wonderful resource enough.

[We have removed “Hope for Pakistan” as it was mirroring the Pakistani Spectator]

Journeys to Democracy: Maintained by Beena Sarwar, a renowned Pakistani journalist, this blog needs no introduction. If you ever need to find some incisive, thought-provoking analysis of Pakistani current affairs, this is the place to go.

Middle Ground: Defines itself in the following words:

Middle Ground is my place on web where I put together my thoughts. Middle Ground falls in the middle of extremism and liberalism. It shows the picture of tolerance, which is much needed in our country these days, than before.

It is a place on web where I write what ever interests me. Subjects may vary but they will always be something related to my country, Pakistan. I am trying to play my part by contributing in some way to the progressive Pakistan.

Mustafa Qadri: Maintained by Mustafa Qadri, one of our contributing authors and an active journalist and humanitarian, this is the kind of journalistic writing all the bloggers should aspire to and emulate.

Pak Tea House: This is one of the most established blogs of Pakistan and a place to visit for astute political and cultural commentary.

Secular Pakistan: This courageous blog declares its mission thusly:

We are here to advocate the dream of a state where a citizen is recognized because of his/her existence as a human being rather than cast, creed, sect or religion. Contributions, feedback and death threats are all welcome.

The Pakistani Spectator: The spectator is not just a blog; it is rather a newspaper-like multiauthor blog filled with interested commentaries and stories about all things Pakistan.

United for Justice: This is another good blog that aims to fight all kinds of discrimination in Pakistan.

Well, this completes my first round-up of good Pakistani blogs. I am certain that I have missed some very good and important blogs and would love to include them in the next such round-up. feel free to use the comment section below to suggest any blogs that you deem should be included in our next roundup and also in our Pakblogs section.


By M R

Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Masood Ashraf Raja is an Associate Professor of Postcolonial Literature and Theory and the editor of Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies.
Raja tweets @masoodraja

6 replies on “Some Good Pakistani Blogs”

Thank you for mentioning my blog. I truly believe that social change is possible through voicing of opinions. I hope that I can be of some help in enlightening the people of my country through education – which is my primary job. I am an art educator and a collaborator with like-minded educators for a progressive Pakistan.
Thanks again for your vote of confidence.

You are welcome. I am also deeply committed to education, humanities, and the idea of a progressive Pakistan. Please let us know if we can sometime repost your ideas on The Pakistan Forum.
Masood Raja


The SC bench headed by CJ has recently disqualified 11 lawmakers under Article 62 and Article 63 of the Constitution. The ECP has also annulled the assembly membership of the disqualified lawmakers in accordance with the SC’s judgment. The bench said that the lawmakers were being disqualified under Article 62 and Article 63 of the Constitution. The court moreover directed the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to initiate proceedings against the said lawmakers who it said had committed perjury with respect to their oaths. The court also ordered the government to withdraw the amount spent on the salaries and perks on the disqualified lawmakers from them and deposit the amount in the national treasury. In his ruling CJ said in his ruling that they could no longer be considered‘sadiq’ and ‘n

Though I do not belong to a legal fertinity but it is very simple to understand that filing a false statement is a sign of dishonesty and may ultimately lead to disqualification of lawmakers. Now, it is a matter of fact that most of the lawmakers have also filed false tax returns incurring a heavy loss to government treasury. If the same principle applies on tax returns, the scrutiny of tax returns of our law makers will reveal eye-opening results. I as law abiding citizen would like to invite the freelance lawyers, who use to file cases on and off, on national issues and public interest, should come forward and save the nation from dishonest and sagacious persons.

We all are duty bound to safe the interest of the nation. In our country many development projects and many basic needs are dependent on tax collection but unfortunately nobody pays the actual tax. They do pay meager amount as a token responsibility. Now time has come to bring honest leadership and parliament should play its due role and act as role model by first following the rules and then demand the nation to sacrifice. It’s also the responsibility of SC to take suo motto action and install a full power Commission to investigate this matter before the next elections so that nation could select honest persons to build a better and bright Pakistan.

A Concerned Citizen

I really appriciate you putting togather this list. Pakistani bloggers need a platform where they could come togather and express their opinions. personal blogs are one thing but a central forum where all the renowned bloggers and analysts could contribute would be “one giant step” for Pakistani blogosphere.

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