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Tea Break: An Impressive Pakistani Blog Aggregator

A few months ago, after having expanded The Pakistan Forum into a multiauthor blog, I started looking for good Pakistani blog aggregation websites. My purpose, simply stated, was to link with these websites so that our content could be more widely distributed. I must admit that of all the blog aggregator websites that I contacted, I found Tea Break to be the best under several registers.

Website Layout:

Their website has a very profession layout and all aggregated entries are offered as individual blog entries with a prominent link to the original source. This layout stands out on their own website and provides a friendly link to our own website.

Aggregation Practice:

Their server picks up our content quickly, and each time they aggregate our content, they send us a pingback, which increases our site’s backlinks and raises our search engine ranking.

Customer Service:

This is the only Pakistani blog aggregator with a wonderfully professional customer service. First, their website provides easy-to-use links and forms to contact them directly. Second, they are exceptionally good at responding to your feedback. In our case, our RSS link was broken and when I contacted them their tech people not only included our alternative link but also gave us some good advice about how to fix our RSS feed.

Based on my personal experience with them and after having seen our content regularly aggregated in appropriate categories, I recommend Tea Break whole heartedly toΒ  all those with Pakistan-related blogs. My thanks and gratitude to the people of Tea Break for all their help.

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By M R

Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Masood Ashraf Raja is an Associate Professor of Postcolonial Literature and Theory and the editor of Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies.
Raja tweets @masoodraja

3 replies on “Tea Break: An Impressive Pakistani Blog Aggregator”

you are wrong sir!!!
few weeks after i reg my blog at my blog disappeared from google 1st page thanks to teabreak’s SPINGING (spam pinging) and creating their own pages from my stuff πŸ™ πŸ™ i had to start a brand new blog after this google guy checked my blog and & advised me so at blogging meetup

so its not teabreak, its blogbreak sob πŸ˜› :`(

If that is the case then why is their Google Page Rank still “4/10” and their Alexa Ranking is still 194595. Surely, if they were at fault, Google should have penalized them by now and not your blog.

I am still concerned about their pings though and will stop accepting them: thank you for pointing it out.

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