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Today fourteen members of the PML (Q), all allies of former dictator Pervez Musharraf, joined the Pakistan People’s Party’s cabinet. This is a moment of shame for the PPP: Mr. Zardari has, true to his own shameful history, betrayed the trust of PPP workers and the general public of Pakistan by aligning himself with those who had sold their loyalties to a dictator in return for power.

Yes, this will probably keep Mr. Zardari and his cohorts in power, but let us not forget that these are the very people under whose watch–Musharraf included–Benazir Bhutto was murdered. And some of those who should have ensured BB’s safety and did not, will now be in the cabinet of her husband’s political coalition: shame. Out of all the PPP top brass, only Senator Raza Rabbani has shown the honor and courage to object to this by resigning his cabinet post: we salute senator Rabbani for his principled stand. As for Mr. Zardari, this goes on to prove yet again that his sole interest lies in staying in power and principled politics is  something that he and his ilk are completely unfamiliar with.

So, let us just call it what it is: a shameless, self-serving, opportunistic politics.

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