Back from a Long Silence

I have spent the last few months recovering from a serious injury. While I was able to carry out the day-to-day responsibilities during this time a lot of my other work had to be put on hold. Writing occasional pieces about Pakistan and Pakistan-related issues, sadly, was one of the activities that I had curtailed.

Similarly, because of my injury and due to loss of quite a few editorial team members Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies has also been on a hiatus. I will soon start working on clearing the backlog for the journal and would also increase posting on this blog.

If, for some reason, my silence has bothered you, I am happy to report that I am back and will soon start performing my responsibilities as a writer, editor, and student of culture and politics.

Meanwhile, if you feel so inclined, please send us your contributions so that we can continue the wonderful work of representing the hopes, wishes, and aspirations of great Pakistani people.

By M R

Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Masood Ashraf Raja is an Associate Professor of Postcolonial Literature and Theory and the editor of Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies.
Raja tweets @masoodraja

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