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Dear friends. From now on I will be using this site ( as the main site for my public writings. Since I write on topics as varied as Pakistan, US politics, and the Pokemon Go, please bear with me as I develop this site into a sort of my online home.

Since Donald Trump got elected, I have been mostly quiet on my blogs. I just needed enough time to think through my response to this atrocious fact of our global political life. I will now start writing regularly on issues related to Pakistan,  the US politics, political Islam, postcolonial studies, and, occasionally, on some lighter topics. I do hope you all will join me in making this website a constant and steady voice against the powers that be wherever they may reside!!!


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    Dr. Zia Ahmed August 21, 2017 at 7:16 pm Reply

    Dr. Raja has already done much significant things regarding US Pakistan relationships. his efforts are visible through his projects like UNT NUML Partnership and his efforts to make Pakistani Scholars of Literature enjoy the previlege of UNT scholarships and facilities. This new site developed by him is gonna prove another milestone in his achievements for his country. When seen through the lens of his academics, Masood Raja is an asset of Pakistan.

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