Dear All:

I just wanted to share the news that Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies will start publishing regularly from January 2018 onward. Due to various personal and professional reasons, we had put the journal on a long hiatus, but now, after reconfiguring our editorial team and after updating our software, we hope to start our regular publication soon.

while we will continue to solicit scholarly and creative writings about Pakistan, we have made only one major change in our publication schedule:

Beginning 2018 we will publish one continuous annual volume of the journal. The articles submitted, reviewed, and accepted will move through our editorial process and will be added to the running issue as they are finalized. Thus, our annual volume will continue to grow over the calendar year. Each volume will be closed at the end of the year. This will make sure that your submissions are published and available as soon as they clear the editorial process.


Please visit the journal website, create an account, and submit your writings.

We are also looking for dedicated members for our editorial staff; if you would like to join our team, please feel free to contact the editor.

Thank you all so much. We are looking forward to your support!!