Provided below is a list of programs that Masood can organize. The format can be revised and tweaked according to the needs of the event organizers.

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US Relations with the Muslim World

Did you know that “on December 20, 1777, Morocco became the first country to give a naval salute to the new nation” 1 called the United States of America or that Pakistan was one of the closest US allies during the Cold War?

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This program provides a broad historical overview of US relations and interactions with the Muslim world and brings that historical knowledge to bear upon the current perception of the US in the Islamic world.

This program will ensure that the audience members leave with a deeper understanding of  the material and ideological causes of the negative perceptions of the US. Furthermore, the audience members will also leave with some insights about the possible individual and policy measures to challenge and, possibly, change such negative perceptions of the United States.

Format: Lecture followed by Q&A.

Duration: One Hour

  • Lecture: 40 Minutes
  • Q&A: 20

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 Humanistic Education in the Twenty-First Century

Faisalabad Agricultural University 2014
Faisalabad Agricultural University 2014

Closely related to Masood’s academic expertise, this program highlights the importance of humanities in an increasingly materialistic world. Masood has delivered this lecture to various audiences, including an audience of science researchers at Faisalabad Agricultural University, and has convincingly made the case for humanities and a humanistic education.

The audience members will leave the talk with a clear understanding of the role of humanities in creating and sustaining more compassionate and tolerant people for our world.

Format: Keynote Address

Duration: 40 Minutes.

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Book Club Workshopbooks

This program is designed to hold a book club discussion about a book previously chosen by the members of a book club. As a literary critic, I am conversant with various methods of reading and responding to literary texts and the workshop will focus on these aspects of critical reading of a chosen text.

The audience would benefit more if their chosen book also corresponds to one or more areas of my cultural expertise. I can also recommend a list of world literature texts for the book club members to choose from.


Masood, your presentation on Pakistan and Three Cups of Tea was most informative.  Our audience was huge (for us) because everyone wanted to hear you.  And they all went away with such laudatory comments.  We will have to make arrangements for you to come back.”  – Nancy McGrath, Our Lady of Elms High School, Akron, Ohio.

Format: A Talk followed by a Group Discussion.

Duration: Two hours

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