Thoughts on Pakistan, By Khalid Maalik

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I am not the one who can write columns, articles, or can deliver speeches and lectures. First time ever trying
to say what I really feel while staying in Pakistan. I have been reading different articles and discussions on blog
“PAKISTANIAAT” for last few months. Many problems have already been defined, discussed and solutions to those problems.
I am here in Pakistan for last two years now, and unfortunately I would be saying that Pakistan is the only country where situations (law and order, corruption etc.) is getting worst and worst. The gap between rich and poor is getting huge. The only country in the world where people say: “The Past was Far Better than this Current Time”.
One every TV channel, we see “Talks” and “Talks” and “Talks”, but what’s the result?, NOTHING. In other words we can just talk and do nothing. We can criticise others and put blames on others and that’s all we can do. Finding the real problems of our country “That’s not Our Job”.
We never even try to think who we were, who we are and where we are heading to. Pakistan is going through worst Economic and Social Crisis, but who cares? Our Young generation is just after the new mobile Phones, capable of holding multiple SIMs, having a long list of friends or so called “girlfriends” who they can talk to all night long, enjoy and party hard. Our media (Cable Network), whoaaaa, I don’t know what they are presenting and where they are taking the people of Pakistan to. Top of that blessings on Facebook and other socialising websites, I don’t think I need to say a word about it,
we are already seeing the consequences. “Right” can never be Wrong “and “Wrong” can never be “Right”.
Unfortunately we have lost our true identity. And I feel really sorry to say that we are still not a “Nation”. None of the characteristics of a “Nation” can be found among Us. How the Pakistan is surviving, that’s what we can call “A Miracle” of Allah .
People who got affected by the devastated floods of 2010/2011 plus Dengue, again “WHO CARES”. We just criticise that other countries didnt help us. My question is “have we ever try to help our self”. Our corrupt rulers, our elected politicians, Crises we are going through, I would just be saying that it’s the result of our own deeds and it’s a Punishment from Allah and nothing else, and unfortunately we are keeping our eyes shut.

In the end my apologies in advance if I offend the readers.

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Sindhi Voices Project: Website

Here is some information about the Sindhi Voices Project as provided by one of their administrators:

I wanted to share some information the Sindhi Voices Project (SVP), a community initiative at the intersections of digital media and oral history. SVP engages people in the production of their histories and hopes to spark inter-community and inter-generational dialogue along the way. At present, we are listening closely to memories of elders with connections to Sindh and aim to understand how our collective and individual pasts shape who we are today.

More on our website at and in a recent article on Dawn Newspaper’s Blog:

Please visit the blog/ website and pass the word!!!

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Pakistani Ulama and Their Rhetoric (6): Maulana Nasrullah Khan

(From Mashal Books)

Speaker: Maulana Nasrullah Khan
Location: Jamia Masjid Umar Farooq, Chichawatni, Sahiwal
Sect: Deobandi
Language: Punjabi
Time: June 2010


[audio:|titles=Maulana Nasrullah Khan]


Whoever does not acknowledge/believe in the Quran will be humiliated in this world and the Hereafter. Allah says namaz saves you from shamelessness and bad deeds. The point to ponder is why doesn’t namaz save us from lies, fraud and corruption?

Listen to this: Hazrat Umar is in the mosque and is leading the believers. A young girl is also saying her namaz behind him. She has travelled two KM to the mosque to stand behind him for the Friday prayer. She has her small brother with her. But when a young boy saw the girl his sexual desire was aroused. The boy said to her: fulfil my desire, but the girl put her own condition before him. Normally women love gold more than they love their husbands but this girl was different. She said pray behind Hazrat Umar for eight days and after that come to me and tell me your desire.

Listen to this: Hazrat Umar is on the rostrum of namaz and he is someone who speaks the language of Allah and the Quran too speaks his language. The boy said namaz behind him for a week and on the eighth day he is found praying to Allah: O Allah I am a sinner please forgive me! The youth is still crying during the Friday namaz when the girl too reaches the mosque and tells her brother to go and locate the boy. Her brother found the boy in a corner of the mosque crying. He did not listen to the voice of the girl’s brother but went on crying. The brother asked: My sister wants to know what is your desire of her? On this the boy grew angry and said go away my desire is now for Allah.

When the heart is with Allah then there is no attraction in worldly things. Once Hazrat Saad was saying his namaz when a snake fell on the chest of his infant son. He thought if the snake stays there he will kill my son but Allah looked after his favoured ones. Allah’s bounty increased and He protected the infant. When the Prophet PBUH heard this he told Saad that when you say your namaz the mercy of Allah is at its highest point. Had you gone on all night Allah would have looked after your son and the snake would have actually stood guard on him.

In our case, o People, if a fly sits on our face our namaz is ruined! Allah says: say the kind of namaz that is without shamelessness and evil. Had our women been pious they have inculcated namaz in their children.


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