Putting the Human in Humanism 2018 (By Adam Leyva, Allison Ashcraft, and Jenna Howard

Scholar to Scholar Interview, 2017

Pakistan Television: The Classics Show Interview, April 2015


Pakistan Television: World this Morning, April 2015


ROZE TV Special on Yemen, April 5, 2015

Soft talk with Dr. Raja (Part 1)

Soft Talk with Dr. Raja (Part 2)

Soft Talk with Dr. Raja (Part3)

Soft Talk with Dr. Raja (Part 4)

Soft Talk with Dr. Raja

These are the opening credits to an interview conducted by Mr. Arshad Ali and produced by Verite Media, Islamabad. We will soon post the whole interview here:

UNT Open Access Symposium 2014

Academic Writing: Q & A

This is a clip from my workshop on Scholarly writing, Pakistan 2014.


Humanities: Q & A 

A clip of my discussion on Humanities in Pakistan

On Drone Attacks in Pakistan

This is the full version of my statement aired by Aljazeera English, The Listening Post on June 23, 2012 


Blasphemy Law: Coverage by the Pakistani Media 

This is the full version of my views aired by Aljazeera’s “The Listening Post” on March 18, 2011. 



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