Welcome to my course on Academic writing. This course is aimed at enabling you to work one one single paper, book chapter, or dissertation chapter from beginning to end (Maximum length 10,000 words). My hope is that by the end of the course you will have a polished draft of a publishable paper.

Process and Polices

Meeting Times

Sundays: 9:00 to 11:00 AM US Eastern Standard Time

The Process

  • We will meet once every two weeks on Google Meet. (SIX meeting of two hours each).
  • After you have made your payment arrangements, I will add you to a class created for this course. You will then have access to all the materials uploaded for the course.
  • In each meeting we will discuss the progress of your paper and I will give each one of you my suggestions and advice.
  • Before each meeting, you will send me your write up and I will read it, send you my comments, and then we will further discuss it during the meeting.
  • During our meetings, I will also teach you the best practices for research and writing and publishing.


Generally, I expect all of you to be respectful of each others’ opinions and I will not tolerate any form of prejudice or harassment.

You are required to send me your work in time so that I can give you my best advice.

Charges and Payment Methods

Total charges for the course are $300, to be paid in advance. (You can request to pay in up to 3 installments)

You can claim a full refund until the end of FIRST week; After the first week, if you still want to withdraw from the course, the refund amount will be MINUS the cost of each session attended ($50/session attended).

Curriculum and Resources

  • I will upload all resources to the course drive in our google classroom.
  • You will have FREE access to my Brief Guide for Scholarly Writing
  • You all will get FREE access to my Udemy course on Academic writing.
  • I will also upload some of my own essays for you to use as examples.

Reading and following these brief guidelines constitutes an agreement. This means that if you join the course, you have agreed to these terms and I retain the right to change these terms after giving you due notice.

Weekly Schedule

Session One (Sunday, December  4)

Introductions and discussion of Paper Ideas

Session Two (Sunday, December 18)

Response to writing drafts, questions answers, and In-class Discussion.

Session Three (Sunday, January 8)

Response to Papers, discussion, and question answers about research methods.

Session Four (Sunday, January 15)

Paper discussions, finding the right journals, query emails to editors.

Session Five (Sunday, January 22)

Paper discussions, revision strategies, handling peer reviews.

Session Six (Sunday, February 5)

Discussion about MS preparation, final editing and proofreading