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Photo of Coach Brittany Brown
Coach Brittany Brown
Life Coach/ NLP Practitioner

I’m a Mental Health Wellness and Relationship Coach. My specialty is working with individuals with mental health and relationship problems to develop social/emotional and mental wellness. 

I am a certified Neuro-linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and will have my Life Coaching Certificate soon. I have two master’s degrees in Human Service Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family and Applied Psychology concentrated in Developmental Psych. 

I have seven years of experience working in  mental health and  marriage and family field.  Through education, I developed counseling, NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy, and coaching techniques to help clients effectively.
My goal is to help individuals and their loved ones overcome and improve life stressors, mental health problems, and relationship issues. I want to help individuals eliminate all negative impacts and gain the strength and happiness they deserve to live their lives.
Categories: Life Coach, NLP Practitioner
Photo of Mona Burns
Mona Burns
Certified Life Transitional Coach

My love for personal training all began over 30 years ago while I was a student at Oklahoma State University. While it was not what I originally ventured to college for, I found a passion for fitness and personal training which has now led to years of a fulfilling career helping others through healthy lifestyle coaching, yoga, breathing, balance & coordination techniques, mentoring and other wellness modalities.

As a Certified Personal trainer, as well as a Certified Life Transitional Coach, I am dedicated to working with my clients to build on their self-awareness, self-reliance and self-assurance to in turn embrace their most confident, capable and authentic selves. I believe everyone is capable of exuding confidence in every aspect of life and I am passionate about breaking down barriers in order to help them do so


Do the right thing,

in the right way,

at the right time,

in the right place,

for the right reason,

with the right feeling,

for every person,

the first time!

Categories: Life Coach
Photo of Vedika Khatwani Chandka
Vedika Khatwani Chandka
Coaching towards Empowerment

I enjoy working with people who strive for the best version of themselves.Helping them by achieve balance, happiness, and growth through alternative perspectives and clarity about the path forward. My belief is that our growth and happiness in life are influenced by a variety of factors, everything is interconnected. I also believe Conversations helps, come let us reach to a better place from where we are now.

Categories: Life Coach, Success Coach
Photo of Brittany Hudson
Brittany Hudson
Mindfulness Mindset Coach

I’m a Mindfulness Mindset Coach supporting my clients to Live Limitless. Identifying and releasing mental Limitations that hold us back from pursuing our dreams and Living our best lives. Releasing fear and doubt and the ‘I can’t mentality’.
I use Mindfulness and Meditation practices in my Coaching and use a 5 step program to get you where you CAN be.
If any of this sounds interesting to you, please reach out, I would love to connect.

Categories: Mindfulness Coach
Photo of Dr. Masood A Raja
Dr. Masood A Raja
Life Coach/ Academic Success Coach

Author of several books, Masood Raja is a certified Life Coach with an expertise in Academic Success Coaching. Guided by an ethics of care and generosity, I offer Life and Success Coaching Services to all those who aspire to become better at whatever they choose as their purpose in life. Besides coaching, I also offer expert Editing and Motivational Speaking services.

Categories: Life Coach, Success Coach
Photo of Alexsandra Ruiz
Alexsandra Ruiz
Personal Development Life Coach

I specialize in helping my clients focus on the future and by motivating them to pursue their passion, dreams and live more meaningful lives as a personal development life coach.

Categories: Success Coach

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