Seven months ago, after a little bit of research, I enrolled in the Symbiosis Coaching training program. I chose Symbiosis because it was listed as an International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA) accredited program, had live online classes, and was pretty affordable. Now, in hindsight, I think it was absolutely the best decision I could have made.

How Was my Certified Life Coach Course?

After you sign up for the coaching program of your choice, I chose the basic Certified Life Coach program, you get online access to a live class Zoom link and to the course resources provided online in their “virtual campus” repository. The class meets on Zoom once a week for two hours and each session covers one major coaching-related topic. The classes are highly interactive and the instructor makes it a point to make sure that everyone participates in the class discussions as well as in small group breakout sessions.

Each week the students are also required to work through the curriculum provided on the virtual campus. Thus, the course is a combination of live class sessions and self paced work completed online.

Over all, there are twenty four class sessions and twenty four self-paced lessons to complete. Besides the lessons the students also have to submit the following materials:

  • Three graded coaching sessions of 30 minutes each.
  • A coaching log of sessions conducted in their own time (Minimum 720 minutes).
  • An assessment form filled to define their ideal client.
  • Creation of a Coachability Assessment Test with an answer key.

What I Gained Through Certified Life Coach Course?

While the lessons and online assignments prepared me for a conceptual and practical understanding of Life Coaching, the extra assignments gave me training in conducting and planning coaching sessions. Since each week, we also got access to the class notes and manuscripts, those manuscripts became a great resource for my CCA exam preparation.

Extra Materials Provided by the Certified Life Coach Course

Besides the conceptual and practical training, the course also comes with a companion course, free of cost, which provides materials related to establishing and maintaining a coaching business from start to finish. I highly recommend that you print that part of the course and keep it in a binder as a future resource!

Passing my CCA Exam!

Today I took and passed my CCA exam and applied for my certification and affiliation with CCA. The Symbiosis Coaching program had prepared me well enough to easily pass the exam and they also gave me enough training and associated materials to successfully launch my coaching practice.

Would I Recommend Symbiosis Coaching Program?

Yes, absolutely. This course did not only prepare me to be an effective coach but also gave me materials and an extensive coaching guide that would help me in all my coaching needs in the future. Now that I am certified, have had some coaching experience, and have developed my own coaching services, the Symbiosis Coaching training will continue to enable me to help more and more people!