If you have taken a look at our Coaching Services page, you might be aware of two methods of paying for our Life Coaching services: Coaching Memberships and Single Session Payments. While both these modes of payment have their own distinct advantages, like purchasing one session to handle something specific such as discussing a paper abstract, this article is meant to explain the mechanics and advantages of Coaching memberships.

Types of Coaching Memberships Offered

We offer the following types of Coaching Memberships:

  • 1 Month Membership ( 4 Sessions): $300.00 [$75/ Session]
  • 3 Months Membership (12 Sessions): $840.00 [$70/ Session]
  • 6 Months Membership: (24 Sessions): $1560.00 [$65/ Session]
  • One Year Membership: (48 Sessions): $2880.00 [$60/ Session]

Advantages of Coaching Memberships

So, coaching memberships are like having a coach on a retainer: for a fixed fee, you purchase a certain number of sessions that you can use as and when needed. The obvious advantage that you can see above is the pricing. on average, the longer the membership, the less expensive your cost per session will be. So, if you think you have a project that would take at least 12 sessions, you could either purchase those 12 sessions for $960 (4 sets of 3 Session Price of $240) or you could simply pay $120 less than the regular price by purchasing a 3 month coaching membership.

Another advantages is that instead of being focused on one single project, you can use the Coaching membership sessions for several projects after discussing the nature of those projects with me. Furthermore, it gives you the privilege of setting up a meeting with me as and when needed without worrying about the hassle of arranging for payments or signing a new contract.

The number of sessions will CARRY FRWARD, which means that if in any given month, you do not use any of the sessions, you can use the hours later. In the ned you will be able to sue the number of sessions offered under different coaching membership tiers.

How to Pay for Coaching Memberships?

For one month memberships, we expect the full payment in advance. For all other memberships, we can work with you to break the payments into a convenient installment plan. We also have special rates for soft currency countries, so please CONTACT us for making the arrangements.

Cancelling Coaching Memberships

You can cancel the memberships with a FULL Refund (minus the bank and PayPal costs) within 30 days of purchase. If during the 30 day period you have used any of the sessions, you will be charged for that session at the regular session price. Unfortunately, we cannot process cancellations after the thirty day period.


Overall, coaching memberships are ideal for those who might have long scholarly projects (like writing a book or dissertation) and those who want the flexibility of having access to a life coach for varied projects. If you are interested in signing up for any of our coaching memberships, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Thank you so much for your support!