In this brief article I will try to answer the question “How can a life coach help me?” Most of the times in our life, we go about struggling with life’sMasood Raja explaining Life Coaching inevitable challenges alone. One of the reasons we only try to figure out things by ourselves is because from a very young age we have internalized this idea that seeking help from others is a sign of weakness. But if you look at your life, you already know that deep down we are always seeking recognition, respect, and love from others. In fact, research in human consciousness has already, somewhat, concluded that we all need this recognition from others to strengthen and stabilize our identities. It is within this paradigm of seeking a supporting voice and a co-thinking partnership that the services of a Life Coach can be useful.

What Do Life Coaches Do?

First, to be clear, Life Coaches are not therapists. They are, however, trained professionals who can work with you and help you find solutions to your current challenges in different aspects of life including, but not limited to, Goal Setting, Educational Planning, Financial Planning, Relationship Success, Time Management, Work-Life Balancing etc. etc.

So, technically, a Life Coach helps you take an account of your life in the present and then assists you in designing and implementing a plan for your future success!

A Hypothetical Scenario

(From one of my Areas of Expertise)

Let us assume that you are a graduate student. You already have a dissertation director and a committee, and your director is there to guide you about the intellectual and scholarly aspects of your dissertation project. But we all know that we need more than just skill-based advice to finish a project of such magnitude. This is where a Life Coach can help you with some of the following things associated with your dissertation project:

  • A Life Coach can help you with time management.
  • A Life coach can help you in getting over a writer’s blocks.
  • A Life Coach can help you with overcoming stress related to the process of writing a dissertation.
  • In case you are running into problems with your dissertation director (it does happen some time) a Life Coach can also assist you in coming up with ways to handle it amicably.
  • A Life Coach can also help you seek out what other sources of support might be available on and off your campus.

Similarly, in many other scenarios, where you might need an extra set of eyes or opinions, a few sessions with a Life Coach could certainly help you stay motivated and work through any kind of life or professional challenges and projects.

Most Life Coaches are naturally empathetic and they are also trained to be intuitive, compassionate, and supportive and they can, therefore, even help you with just the basic day-to-day motivational needs through simple meditative or conversational sessions.

In a Life Coach, you get a trusting professional relationship without the tensions and dramas of real-life relationships! 

Should You Get a Life Coach?

Not everyone needs, much less can afford, a Life Coach. But if you are like me and sometimes need non-judgmental feedback and encouragement from someone not related to you, but someone you can trust, then I would highly recommend at least trying it out. If it works, then you will have someone trustworthy to work with, but if, for some reason, it does not work or it is not what you find useful enough, then since it is a professional relationship, you can very easily stop using the Life Coach’s services. However, as someone who has a stake in this, I do recommend that a good Life Coach is at least worth a try!

Stay Tuned for My Life Coach Offerings

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