Why Life Coaching?

The purpose of this article is to explain some of my reasons for delving into Life Coaching. Some of you probably already know that I recently resigned from my tenured position at a research university. My reasons for resigning are important, but I cannot share those publicly at this time. So, in this article I briefly want to explain as tho why I have chosen Life Coaching as my new vocation and means of livelihood.

Philosophical Reasons

As a professor, mentoring my students was the most favorite part of my job. This mentoring, especially when not just focused on their studies, was like Life Coaching: I listened to them methodically, asked them about their long term goals, and then helped them devise short term strategies to reach their final goals. Other than the process, I also enjoyed being in a position to help my young students articulate and then operationalize their future plans. So, this desire to be helpful and, what Erik Erikson would call “the imperative to teach,” but teach about life and its challenges and possibilities is what makes Life Coaching into the best possible new career path for me.((The Erik Erikson Reader. https://amzn.to/3sXqh5C))

Pragmatic Reasons

I have realized, through trying, that there are not many career paths available to me at my age: the universities have so many applicants that I am not likely to be their top choice. In the private sector, even though I have trained myself to be a UX Researcher, I have not had much luck in getting any serious responses. So, pragmatically speaking, the best choice for me is to mobilize my experience and training (I am working towards my Life Coaching Certificate) towards a career that meets my philosophical preferences and my pragmatic needs: This makes Life Coaching an ideal choice for me!

My Hopes and Aspirations

Considering that Life Coaching will enable me to help and assist a wider audience, my hope is to build this into a successful practice. This website is a first step into this exciting new phase of my life. I have ensured to make this into a unique website in terms of its style and content. Since I am also offering my editing and speaking services (I have extensive experience in both) I have decided to create a website that is aesthetically pleasing, uses the Gestalt principles of perception to offer its content, and ensures that the visitors to the website know exactly where they are on the website and can intuitively navigate to all relevant sections. So, in a way my design education has been quite useful in creating this website.

What is Available on Kind Coaching Website?

As you browse through the content, you will notice that all our major services are introduced on the landing page. If there is some service that you like, all you have to do is to click on the “Details” link in each box and you will be able to drill down and get details of each coaching, consulting, or speaking program.

When you are ready to start a conversation about any program/ package, just click the button below each service description and send me a message. It would be my pleasure to work with you!


To be honest, this is an uncertain, but exciting, time in my life. I am starting this new journey into Life Coaching, something that was made to do. I am hopeful that through this service, I will be able to continue serving people from all walks of life. I would be delighted to have your support!